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Kitchen Chaos At Its Finest

To the self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist Moms out there, who have had to abandon comfort levels in exchange for fiercely independent toddlers making a mess at mealtime………

We promise you, that you are heard!

It is so incredibly difficult to continuously remind yourself that mealtime is an opportunity for your toddlers to learn, explore different foods, feel different textures, and work on their motor skills, meaning, that you need to intervene as little as possible.

There comes a time when you have to accept the fact that those beautiful, picturesque, neutral-toned baby outfits will forever hold the evidence that your kid, loves some chaotic mealtime adventures!

But, perhaps we can help you think of it in a better light…you know, to help you turn a blind eye to the mess!

Reasons Why A Messy Kitchen Is Worth It

1. Your Baby is Learning

As we mentioned above, mealtime is an opportunity for your baby to develop their fine motor skills – and this does not happen overnight. So, when they bravely try to hold that utensil, you need to remember that their little hands may not always be steady, but with practice, it’ll come. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that your toddler is using a utensil that is easy to grip and ideal in size, such as our silicone Scoopers.

Furthermore, allowing them to explore the different foods on their plates gives them a chance to become familiar with different textures of foods, and better understand the different flavours.  

2. You Are Creating Memories

As frustrating as it may be to clean up a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, that soon turned into a hat, you’ll never forget the pure look of glee on your baby as they sat there playing with their food. Not to mention, that photos like these are perfect for bringing out when they are older!

These are also the moments where you will come to learn what your baby dislikes, but also what foods are their favourites.

3. These Moments Do Not Last Forever

Someday, your beautiful little toddler won’t need you to wipe their mouth and feed them little bites of food, and you may just be surprised at how much you miss it!

Focus on cherishing the moments before they are gone.

4. Independence Grows With Less Intervention

Trust us when we say, your baby will not be very happy if you are constantly wiping their hands down and scraping the food dripping off their chins. Moreover, if you are assisting this much, then there really is no reason for them to learn, right? Well, that is at least the message you are sending to them.

Instead, pop on one of our silicone Flexi Bibs to help catch food droppings, then take a step back and only intervene when absolutely necessary. And, repeat after us “It is fine if my baby now has spaghetti bolognese hair, because this can be cleaned when they are done”.

Now that you’ve read some reasons about changing your perspective on messy mealtimes, perhaps you are feeling a little more motivated to keep on going? Or perhaps you are reading this blog, and reminiscing about some of the biggest, and funniest messes your toddler has made.

In that case, we’d love for you to share your stories with us! Post your mess and share your stories on our social pages so that other moms out there can relate to what we call kitchen chaos!




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