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How to Make Family Road Trips Fun

As a parent, when you hear the phrase ‘family road trip’, what comes to mind? Do you think of fussy toddlers? Or perhaps chaos in the car during snack time? Well, what if we told you that we have a list of tips and tricks to help you avoid the above scenario, and instead allow you to enjoy some quality family bonding time on your road trip?

1. Plan Your Rest Stops

We all know how uncomfortable it can be sitting in the car for long periods. This is even more frustrating for your babies and toddlers who do not properly understand why they have to be in a car for so long. Therefore, taking ample rest stops for your little ones to enjoy some fresh air, and have a break from travelling is a great way to prevent irritableness.


2. Comfort items

Providing comfort during a time of unfamiliarity for your baby can help soothe them immensely! So, make sure you have packed in their favourite toy, whether it be a teddy, or even a blanket as this will help bring them a sense of comfort.


3. Sit At The Back Occasionally

As parents, we all know that road trips with our little ones can be a challenge, especially when they struggle to understand why the journey is taking so long. If your child is used to falling asleep under specific conditions, being confined to the backseat can be a tough adjustment. That’s where the importance of taking turns sitting in the back with your baby comes in. It’s an opportunity to engage with your little one, sing songs, tell stories, and provide them with some much-needed attention.


4. Road Trip Playlist

Road trips can be tough on little ones – especially when it comes to entertainment. Here’s what we recommend to help avoid those baby tears, and instead, enjoy baby giggles:

– This playlist by Maxi Cosi on Spotify!

Spotify – Maxi-Cosi

This is sure to have your baby happy and entertained throughout your trip!


5. A full tummy is a full tank.

If all else fails, the best way to your baby’s heart is through their stomach! Packing travelling snacks is essential, especially if you want to avoid those hangry episodes. We recommend packing delicious treats that you know your baby loves.

Minikoioi has a bunch of 100% silicone products to help ensure that your car remains clean when your baby is snacking, such as The Flexy Bib.

Alternatively, the Bowly and Sip & Snack products are perfect for a road trip picnic stop! Look at the super funky puzzle plate, especially for BLW (Baby-led Weening).


So there you have parents! You no longer have to groan at the thought of a long road trip with fussy kids in the backseat.

Take the stress out of your next family road trip and embrace the excitement of the journey. With the help of these tips and the reliability of Minikoioi, you’ll be ready to create cherished memories that your family will treasure for years to come!




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